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Fruit Baskets

Nature's Touch believes in supporting local farmers, organic farmers and the community.  There are three different basket types available for a weekly pick-up. Each week these baskets will have a list of each of the farmers used, a different recipe and in-season produce. We believe in eating the freshest food possible and the best and easiest way to to that is by supporting local farmers.

Our smallest basket is called The Just Sweet Basket . This is a basket with quantities sufficient for one or two people for a week.

Half the Sweetness is our second basket and it can feed from three to four people each week. This basket includes the same as the Just Sweet Basket , but with a little more fruit.

Our larget basket is called the Full of Sweetness Basket. This basket will feed from four to six people each week. It will include the same produce as the Half the Sweetness basket, but will include more of each item.